The Bones Brigade Inspiration


I watched the documentary The Bones Brigade recently and absolutely loved it. For those unfamiliar, the Bones Brigade was a skateboarding team that existed in the 1980′s and 90′s. It included the best skaters of that generation.

During that time I was a wanna be skater. I liked the idea of skating and would have loved to have been good at it but I never spent the time needed to become good. Watching the movie definitely brought back memories of those years and the scene from that culture that existed growing up in Southern California.

What grabbed me and pulled me in while watching this film was the creativity and drive that these kids had (most of them were in their teens). While a teenager I only dreamed of doing these things and now I am too wise to even dream about attempting them.

Inspired, I sat down to write this post. The first that I have written in a long time.

There are certain movies that make me want to do something. They get my creative juices flowing, they make me want to box, to work out. Try watching any Rocky movie (except Rocky V) without walking around shadow boxing afterwards. For me it is impossible, I feel like I am preparing for some championship bout.

Movies, books, stories, music, people that capture you, make you want to do things you have never even thought of before.

The Moral

Find something, someone that inspires you and don’t waste its influence on you. Act, do what it is that your mind and body are aching to do. Don’t let the moment pass. I wrote this post within an hour after watching the movie. If I hadn’t I would never have written it.

Go find your inspiration and take full advantage of it’s fuel for your fire.

photo credit: soleir via photopin cc

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